1 January 2020


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Mathematical symbols in Latex [PDF]

One-page Linux command reference [PDF]

Choose your Linux distribution via questionnaire

All-in-one Git commands [JPG]

Fluid and Kinetic Theory

Antony Jameson: computational fluid dynamics past present and future

Clément Mouhot: On the Linear Boltzmann Equation [PDF]

Machine Learning

MIT 18.337: Parallel Computing and Scientific Machine Learning [Link]

Uncertainty Quantification

Preliminary understanding of uncertainty quantification [PDF]


codecogs: online LaTex equation generator

Pandoc: a universal document converter

Scientific Softwares

Spack: scientific computing manager for supercomputers

OpenFOAM: computational fluid dynamics platform

SU2: multiphysics simulation and design software

PyFR: Python based framework for solving advection-diffusion type problems using the flux reconstruction method

Clawpack: conservation laws package

StaRMAP: staggered grid radiation moment approximation scheme

Mechsys: muti-physics simulation Library

MECCA: module efficiently calculating the chemistry of the atmosphere

OpenMC: Monte-Carlo particle transport code