lectures & supervisions



Introduction to Kinetic Theory

This lecture is given every winter semester in the Department of mathematics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. It provides a systematical introduction of the historic evolution, physical models, mathematical formulations and numerical methods within kinetic theory.

Mentoring Activities


Modeling is an ideal way to develop problem solving capabilities. Students are faced with a real-world problem that is not formulated in the language of mathematics. In order to translate the problem, it is neccessary to read literature from other disciplines. Each group of students learns Mathematics by doing it. The project aims can be adapted to the group’s capabilities so that weaker students gain motivation by solving easier problems, while stronger students can be challenged by more complicated additional questions. Problem-solving skills can be assessed by industrial case studies in the final year. The students are confronted with a real problem, have to do research, have to work in a team and in the end have to present their results in a comprehensible way. To facilitate problem-based learning, I work in the education lab CAMMP (Computational and Mathematical Modeling Program) at RWTH Aachen and KIT. Our activities can be found here.