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I was introduced to Jekyll at a Write the Docs meetup and was eager to use it on the ol’ web site, which was definitely in need of a responsive overhaul. On the Jekyll themes site, the HTML5 UP designs caught my eye the most. Even so, none of the Jekyll themes had a menu header that stayed in place while scrolling, so I browsed HTML5 UP directly and came across the Spectral theme. It was perfect, and so began the Jekyll hack of Spectral to create the site and repo.

HTML5 UP’s Spectral is primarily a landing page design with support for a few pages linked off from the menu. When I posted the first Jekyll port of Spectral, I didn’t add much Jekyll coding for it to be suitable for a blog and portfolio. After forking my personal site from that original, the intention was to merge some features back to the original, but it has expanded so much that a merge will never happen, particularly because there are many who do just want to use Spectral as a landing page—change a few config variables and be on their way. But, that original port of Spectral is surely in need of a little love and should someday at least provide the first two features listed on the next page. ❤