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Currently I'm conducting research on three topics

  • Kinetic Theory
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Neural Differential Equations


The world is multi-scale, multi-layered and multi-physics in nature. David Hilbert's sixth problem pointed out an intriguing beginning to link the behavior of interacting many-particle systems across different scales. The dramatically increasing computing power provides us the possibility to investigate the Hilbert’s passage from a numerical point of view. This project is dedicated to developing numerical algorithms for the study of multi-scale transports of molecule, plasma, electrons, photons, phonons, skyrmion, etc. Specifically, the focus is on:

  • Direct solvers for the Boltzmann and related models
  • Moment models with physics-oriented closures
  • Particle-based simulation frameworks


How will the climate develop, how secure is our energy supply, and what chances does molecular medicine offer? The rapidly increasing amount of data offers radically new opportunities to address today’s most pressing questions but also requires novel mathematical and statistical methods to handle them. The uncertainties coming from stochastic data or immature prior knowledge are often considered as an unavoidable burden in real-world applications. By employing probabilistic data science techniques, uncertainty can also be turned into a valuable source of information and a powerful enrichment of black-box approaches from artificial intelligence. To harness this source of information, in this project we identify common challenges between several common use cases and foster translational research at the interface of disciplinary and mathematical research. The goal is to enable more reliable knowledge sourcing from data by developing tools and methods within the field of uncertainty quantification (UQ).


The thriving deep neural networks provide the possibility for solving problems that seemed challenging in the past, e.g., computer vision and natural language processing. The same momentum is beginning to build in computational sciences, leading to a field named scientific machine learning (SciML). While typical classification and regression tasks in classical machine learning applications mostly handle discrete and localized data, in scientific machine learning, information at different locations is expected to be connected by mathematical modeling and physical constraints, e.g., differential equations. The goal of this project is to leverage deep neural networks as building blocks in a numerical method to solve unified mechanical-neural models. Basically a governing equation is a coarse-grained model of reality that possesses an intricate structure, which a numerical method needs to preserve. Thus, artificial neural networks are likely to be beneficial, but cannot be used out-of-the-box. The project therefore touches upon the applications point of view of deep learning with a focus on interpretability and robustness, and on the mathematical methodologies point of view to solve differential and integral equations.


I can be found on Google Scholar and ResearchGate.


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